International Fingerprinting FAQ

1. How do I submit digital fingerprints to the RCMP from outside Canada?

Gambit ID is able to digitize your ink fingerprints and submit them electronically to the RCMP on your behalf.

2. How do I send Gambit ID my fingerprints?

You can mail the original copy of fingerprints to our office at:
5420 Canotek Road, Unit 105
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
K1J 1E9
We do not accept scanned copies of your fingerprints, but you may send scanned copies of any supporting documents, such as IDs, via email or via mail when you send in your fingerprint forms.

3. Do I have to send anything to RCMP if I will be using your service?

No, we will submit all of the information that is needed by the RCMP to receive your certified criminal record for you.

4. How much is this service?

The cost of international fingerprinting is $165 CAD plus HST (does not include $25 RCMP fee). If you would like mail tracking when your results are sent back to you or a third party an additional price will be required.

5. How will my certificate be sent back to me?

You have two options: You can either have the RCMP send the results wherever you'd like through regular mail without a tracking number (no extra charge), or you could have the RCMP send the results to Gambit ID, and Gambit ID can send it to you via courier. You just have to pay for shipping.

6. Is it possible to have the results emailed back to me?

No, the RCMP only sends your results by regular mail. If you choose to have your results sent back to Gambit ID to courier back to you, Gambit ID can email you a scanned copy before putting the results in the mail for a small additional fee.

7. How long does the process usually take?

If you do not match or possibly match fingerprints that the RCMP have on file, the RCMP will usually mail your certificate within 1-3 business days. If there is a match, a manual review may be required and can take up to 120 business days for the RCMP. After the certificate is put in the mail, it all depends on how far you live and which delivery option you choose.

8. Is there anyway that I could have this process expedited?

No. However it should be noted that Gambit ID, unlike our competitors, have taken the time to automate the process as much as possible. By using Gambit ID to process your request you will receive your results as quickly as possible and quicker than if you were to use one of our competitors.

9. Can I choose where the results will be sent?

Yes, with the following exceptions:

  • Canadian Employment – Federal Government, which is sent electronically from the RCMP to the appropriate department.
  • US Immigration – Criminal Record Check for Personal Use, where the RCMP must release the results to the applicant’s legal address. Because of this, the RCMP will have to mail the results directly to you via regular mail.

When you start your request with Gambit ID, you will receive a secure link to submit your information. At that time, you can specify where you want the results sent for all other fingerprinting reasons.

10. Do you accept scanned copies of fingerprints?

No, we require the original copy/copies of your fingerprints. We accept either ink fingerprints, or digital fingerprints that have been printed by the fingerprint service provider using their printer. However, if you are worried about the quality of the fingerprints, you can take a photo for Gambit ID to review before sending your package. Please keep in mind that it is ultimately the RCMP that determines whether or not the quality of the prints is adequate to conduct the search.

11. Do I have to include a passport photo in my package?

It is not mandatory, however if you would like a photo to appear on your certificate you must include a passport sized photo. You can check with the person or agency who is requesting for a definite answer, if you are unable to do so, we recommend that you include one just in case. Note: All applications concerning Canadian Immigration require a photo to be included.

12. What are my payment options?

We accept VISA, VISA Debit, Mastercard, Mastercard Debit, American Express, Discovery and Union Pay. We do not accept e-transfers, PayPal, money orders or certified cheques.

13. Is Gambit ID able to have my certificate authenticated by Global Affairs Canada, or an embassy or High Commission?

Due to the unique nature of each request, please contact Gambit ID directly to discuss options regarding authentication and/or legalization of documents.

14. I don't have any valid Canadian ID, is that okay?

Yes, your IDs don't have to be Canadian, they just have to be valid and issued by government. They must also, be in either English or French or be accompanied by a certified translation.

15. Is there a way that I can track this process after my application is submitted to the RCMP?

Yes. Regarding the search itself, you can either call the RCMP at 613-998-6362 or send them an email at You will need to provide them with your Document Control Number (DCN) that will be emailed to you by Gambit ID as soon as the RCMP receives your file, as well as your full name, date of birth, and the application type (e.g. citizenship, employment or visa). Please keep the standard processing times in mind and they will only be able to tell you whether or not the results have been put in the mail, and where they are being sent. The RCMP sends the results via regular mail and does not provide a tracking number. Gambit ID will also provide you with a secure link to a self-serve portal where you can check on the status of your request.

16. Can I have the RCMP send me more than one certificate?

No, the RCMP only sends out one certificate. If you need more than one, you will have to submit separate applications.

17. Am I able to take the fingerprints myself?

No, you will have to go to your local police station or to an accredited fingerprinting agency to have your fingerprints taken professionally.

18. Does the colour of the ink matter?

Yes. The RCMP requires that the fingerprints be taken with black ink.

19. What should my fingerprint form look like after it has been filled correctly?

Your fingerprint form should have a rolled print of each fingerprint in the appropriate box, as well as flat prints of each hand. It needs to have your full name, date of birth, gender, address, telephone number and signature. It should also have the stamp of the fingerprinting agency or police station and the signature of the official taking your prints. Please see the two examples below.

Gambit ID fingerprint form example

20. What is the difference between a flat fingerprint and a rolled fingerprint?

Plain fingerprints are those in which the fingers are pressed down simultaneously on a flat surface. Rolled impressions are the ten individually-taken fingerprint images rolled from nail to nail. The plain impressions are used to verify the sequence and accuracy of the rolled impressions.

Rolled versus flat fingerprint examples